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       Born: 8-20-09

 Scroll down to see photos of Bruno as he grows up.

Update from Bruno's parents We took Bruno to Central Park for the first time the other night!  He would bark at the horse and carriages then try to chase them!  He had fun there.  We also took him to see the balloons being blown up for the Macy's day parade.  Bruno was the main attraction!  
He is really getting big!  We can't believe how fast he is growing. He is so delicious.  We just love him so much!  Enjoy the pics! -- look for the pic of Bruno at Central Park below :)

  Mother: Worldwide Maria             Father:  Tsunami        

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"Bruno" @ 7 days ----  Congratulation to Sean & Amy of New York

"Bruno" @ 29 days                                                                     


"Bruno" @ 5 Weeks


"Bruno" @ 8 Weeks


"Bruno" 10 weeks and already taking over the sidewalks of NY !

                   Bruno's first visit to Central Park

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