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If you obtained a pup from Worldwide Cane Corso’s would you offer to return it to us if, for any reason you were unable to keep it? Yes
Do you understand that our contract requires you contact us if, for any reason you cannot keep the animal? – We will attempt to find a suitable home or in some cases approve of one you may have in mind. Yes
Do you also understand that we will make every attempt to accept one of our animals back, even if it has been exposed to adverse treatment/care, though we may not replace the dog? Yes
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9 months - 1 year
longer if necessary
 Pups under 8 weeks may be reserved with a deposit. As long as pup is healthy the deposit is non-refundable, as we have removed it from the potential selection of other purchasers. If deposit is placed on pup and at point of shipping/ pickup, purchaser prefers a pup with a different "Look” purchaser may apply the deposit to a different available puppy or one from a future litter. If, at time of receipt, pup has a health issue preventing receipt of pup for one month, or more, and seller is unable to provide purchaser with an acceptable alternative pup, purchaser may choose to apply deposit to future litter or have a refund.  

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