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Shipping you puppy via Airline

When Available we fly our puppies with Continental Airline : They offer Climate controlled areas for the puppies and allow us to stay with the puppies after they are checked in until closer to their actual flight time.

 Step ONE :  Find your closest airport that can accept a Cane Corso. Shipping a pet requires a certain size of plane with climate controlled hold area.
 Not all airports can receive a cane corso.  You can call Continental at 800-575-3335 to determine what airport is closest to you that can receive your cane corso puppy.

 *We can check on airports and make the reservations, but your deposit must be in and puppy paid in full prior to us making a booking for the puppy to ship.  

How old does my puppy need to be to fly?  Worldwide Cane Corsos are Minimum 8 weeks old to ship. Shipping requires that a puppy be by itself for several hours, which can become stressful. For this reason we stay with the puppy as long as the airline will allow us and we always book the most direct flight from our location to yours.

How much does it cost to have my puppy flown to me? The cost to fly a puppy 8 weeks old to most major cities within the US is generally around  $250 to 350 dollars. The puppy will need to be shipped in a secure crate large enough to stand and turn around. The shipping crate will cost $50-$100.00 depending on the size you choose. We highly recommend the Sky Kennel for its superior construction. We will supply the puppy with lots of padding, a stuffed companion and layers of towels so if he/she messes in the crate you can simply remove and discard the top layer for the ride home.  We will include a domestic or International health certificate with your puppy. If a puppy has a long layover at the airport, an additional fee of approx $75 for the airport personnel to clean the carrier, feed/water, and walk the puppy (this is rare for domestic flights but is quite common for International flights).

We recommend when available, you Insure your pet with the airline

Information we need to make your puppies flight reservation

Full Name (as it appears on your ID)

Your address

Your phone number (and an alternate if possible)

Known days that will NOT work for you.

What should I take to the airport with me?

Photo ID for the person listed to receive the puppy (which is the buyer on the contract, unless you informed us differently).

Your Airbill or reservation number

Water to offer the puppy at the airport or at your vehicle.  There will be a food and water dishes attached to the inside of the carrier, so you don't need bowls. 

Gatorade if your puppy is reluctant to drink, a tablespoon of Gatorade added to water can disguise the differences in water from our tap to yours.

A collar (8+" fits most 8 week old puppies) and leash to allow the puppy to exercise a little before the drive home, and for potty stops. remember to read your instructions on potty stops that we provide. DO NOT stop at rest stops, pet stores or any other areas that may have pet traffic

Baby wipes or a couple wet wash cloths to wipe off the puppy, as he/she might be soiled from the trip. Most Worldwide Cane Corso puppies are trained and will do their best not to potty in the crates, but sometimes the travel time is longer than they can hold it and an accident will occur. We provide layers of bedding for this reason with a moisture lock barrier in between the layers so you can simply remove the top layer and the puppy will have a clean area with the same comforting scent to continue his/her ride home.

A plastic garbage bag or grocery bag to dump the soiled bedding from the travel carrier into for disposal.

Freshly laundered towels and or blankets are always a good idea

Know your pickup location. Puppies are not always picked up at the terminal, call first so you know exactly where to pick up your puppy so he/she is not waiting for you. The phone number for Continental Airlines pet reservations line: (800) 575.3335 most have online maps that you can look at to help guide you to the terminal or Air Cargo (most puppies are either delivered at Baggage Services for Continental or else their Air Cargo counter). If Continental does not have a direct flight we may choose to use Delta as Detroit is a hub for them and they have many direct flights from this Airport.

Pepto Bismol, in case your puppy gets loose stool from the flight and stress of leaving littermates. Puppies can have about 1 cc of Pepto Bismol (actually more, but this is all we've ever given at one time) if their tummies are upset.  Bring a children's medicine dropper or an empty syringe (with no needle) to administer. Canned pumpkin is also good for loose stool (not pie filling) actual canned pumpkin

Please be at the airport PRIOR to your puppy's arrival! It is best for your puppy to be picked up immediately, when you arrive inform the airline personell that you are waiting for your puppy. Many times they will take all your information ahead of time which will expedite the delivery of your puppy to you.

Remember limited contact with other pets and pet areas (including rest areas) as your puppy has not had all his/her shots yet and is still vulnerable to diseases at these types of places.

As always feel free to contact us anytime!

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